westley (esthappen) wrote,

be glad that I didn't make this entire entry about insomnia.

I have been having a shitty time these past couple days. Today is looking better though. I have been suffering weird bouts of anxiety and insomnia. Tuesday night I didn't sleep at all. I thought I would pass out on Wednesday since I had a store meeting, a full day of school and bike riding around Oakland. For precautionary measure I decided to sleepover a friend's house so as to have a change in environment and to maybe cut down on bed loneliness by hearing someone else breathing next to me. However, none of this was effective and I did not fall asleep until 5am after given a whole bunch of herbal sedative.

The good news is that last night I slept! Around nine hours, maybe even more. I fell asleep right away. I still feel tired now but our household has recently acquired a french press, so that's temporary.

With Lex gone I've noticed the need to talk all the time. When you know someone and they know you so thoroughly and are always interested you can kind of audio diary with eachother. I didn't talk to Lex on the phone for a few days and found myself wanting to shamelessly talk all the time. Let me tell you about my mother's career choices, my sexual practices or where I think the company is really going.

I'm trying to keep the house pretty clean and organized mainly as a point of pride around the common misconception that I am not clean/careless.

Also, I am growing out my "beard" as an experiment. Sometimes I think it looks hideous, sometimes it's sort of hot. Tonight I will attempt to get other people's opinions on where this experiment is going.
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