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So, last night I was mugged. I was walking down 22nd around 10:30pm going to a friend's house at 22nd and Hampshire. I had headphones on and I was texting which is stupid to do in retrospect. Around Treat St this big guy starting walking right next to me and then after a couple seconds punched me in the head. I hit a wall and fell down. Some other little guy came up with a knife and they took my money but left my wallet. They also took my phone. The little guy was like "Get his fucking ipod" but the big guy was already running away. I told him it was a cd player and he could have it but he took a look and then ran. Some nice guy on a bike asked if I was okay which feels good because you always think that people on the street look the other way when stuff happens.

They only got my second hand phone and about fourteen dollars. They didn't even take the fast pass that's worth three times the cash.
What sucks is that my knee feels fucked up and it hurts to bend it too much. I know that it's just some bad bruises but it really sucks. My front tooth is chipped though and that is what I hate the most. Luckily I just got dental insurance through work. But for now the nerve is exposed and it's made eating and brushing my teeth painful.

I feel a lot of things about it but mainly just kind of depressed and scared/angry.

If anybody needs to contact me they can call Lex or call me at the store (not on Mondays/Wednesdays though). I'll try to get a new phone some time this week.
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