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buses and themes

It's shitty and rainy out again, surprise! Things have been pretty good in a quiet way. I've been biking more, valiantly attempting to attend my classes, running on a track, and trying a new thing called keep the house spotlessly clean. The usual method of cleanliness over at 2844 is to halfassedly maintain until the mess is way too much. Usually this is because we have a houseguest or just don't do laundry for a long time until it's disgusting and we have to make some efforts. But due to some too boring to discuss landlord issues, everything is semi-perfect and I clean all dishes as I do them and almost sort of make the bed.

I've been taking the 27 home from work lately. If you don't know about buses in San Francisco then whatever, but I have been taking the 49 which runs down Van Ness all the way to the mission but still drops me about 8 blocks from my house. It also never comes and I usually walk almost all the way to Market until it finally comes. This is a nice excuse for exercise and enjoyable to take a quick walking tour of the sometimes dazzling sights of Van Ness (seriously, I like walking past the opera and city hall buildings at night with the lights on). But I never feel safe walking at night any more. The 27 stops two blocks from my work and takes me (admittedly very slowly) all the way to two blocks from my house. I also enjoy what I call the very cheap tour of the city parts of the city. I mean, let's be realistic, the mission is the brooklyn of san francisco and all the feelings of urban living are sometimes lost on wide streets that feel a little too sprawly.
Also, a good representation of my two bus choices: the 27 is like that friend that while they drive below the speed limit and meander around, you know that they will always come pick you up and always bring you right to your house. The 49 is that friend that couldn't be bothered to pick you up where you are and you have to go meet it somewhere more convenient, then they're late and they drive like a maniac, pick up everyone else so it's packed, and then drop you off far from your house because "it's not on the way"

I've felt very enamored with ideas around themed socializing lately. Three key ideas:
1. The Breakup Party
This is a party I want to have at Les's house. They have this set of champagne flutes they found on the street and on them is engraved "Paul & Mariah November 6th, 2004" Now clearly this was a shortlived marriage. So the idea was that we would have a breakup party around that date in honor of P + M. Breakup culture has such a wide variety of untapped resources. People could bring breakup mixes to be danced or sung along to (breakup songs are always the best), people could dress like a famous breakup (brad + jen, ben + jen, ellen + anne, justin + britney etc) and everything could be just generally emotional/performative/fun. So far after the first night of planning with those housemates, I've had a hard time trying to drum up appeal. I know, it's probably in poor taste being someone in a relationship but I'm going to keep at it.

2. Corporate Singles Night
This is a much simpler idea that will A) probably actually happen and B) wasn't thought up by me. But still, it seems fun. The idea centers around most of my friends having jobs within companies and institutions that require a corporate casual dress attire and probably the juxtaposition of being queer/young/differently politicked and within that world. Even though I just sell sex toys and don't actually relate to this I still think it would be fun to get dressed up and go to the fancy singles lounge on our block for some drinks that aren't beer.

3. Gentlemen's Social
I'm not talking about actual men's night stuff because I long ago gave up on that awkward fest but more a night really devoted to playing cards, maybe smoking cigars, drinking stuff that I'm probably to wussy to stomach and making conversation. Some of this has already been done (well just the conversation and cards) in a bunch of previous gatherings but I want one night devoted to these things.
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