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Halloween was a little bit of a dud this year. I didn't go out at all during weekend parties and had an early curfew last night. Lex and I did Clarissa and Sam from Clarissa Explains it All and pulled it off pretty successfully. It's funny how dudes wear baggy clothes and have hypothetically less body/image issues because wow I felt weird. I straightened and middle-parted my hair into a perfect mushroom cut and wore baggy corduroy shorts, a large funny t-shirt, orange flannel and sleeveless hoodie. A costume idea floating around since 2002, it was pretty anti-climactic.

I've gotten sucked into the excitement of seasonal beverages. I've already consumed egg nog, pumpkin flavored anything (but especially odwalla protein shake), crappy hard cider and "winter solstice" beer. The latter I have to say was all about the packaging which had a snowy mountain scene with a moose and descriptive beer words that I always fall for.

Now that second summer is most likely gone for good, I can relax into book reading and self preservation associated with winter. I've been re-reading White Noise by Don De Lillo and I love it so much more than the first time. I think I wasn't as into it the first reading and just perservered because it had been recommended by a girl I had a major crush on. Very enjoyable.

Also, tonight is the second round of trivia night at a local irish bar. After our team finished in 6th place, I've been vaguely researching things on Wikipedia as well as reading bizarre lists of pop culture facts like "Celebrities and their real names". Recently this went a step further into scanning through a small dictionary and a book titled "100 Most Influential People of All Time" We have to win.

Lastly, I had a surge of interest in old movies/music. Specifically, from the 50's and early 60's and cheesey music like Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Fred Astaire etc. The movies are more for just general enjoyment but the music has been invigorating my feelings about living in a city. The brassy sound brings out all those emotions of optimistic urban living opportunities and the fun too.
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