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a little rambling

Yesterday was my two year anniversary with Lex. I think it's been our best "special day" yet. We didn't do anything over the top and no presents because it's between Lex's birthday and Christmas. I bought white roses which I've never done before because of a left over elementary school rumor that white roses mean death. I decided fuck it because white roses are gorgeous. The morning was lazy with no rush to leave and requisite morning sex. I recently bought a helmet and a new bike seat so there was a lot of bicycling. Snacks at Tartine and then we went to my work(where I left my phone) which was the first time I'd ever attempted such a scary/hilly ride. We had dinner at Range on Valencia which is very pricey but my god, so good. If you are veggie than it's probably just whatever but the chicken was amazing. Chocolate souffle, also amazing. I even had some sort of mixed drink with ginger beer and that was amazing. Usually fancy meals are just for Lex's sake but for the first time I really understood the merit of spending a lot of money on food. Anyway, the whole day felt very satisfying. Many instances of sex and good food and none of the stress I usually cause with an insistence that we have some sort of special event.

I think lately I have been very happy. It's bizarre to point out as that's usually the time when you're not paying attention to the intricacies of your emotional status. I feel relatively calm about the basics (health/job/plansforfuture/friends/family/love/house) and it leaves me time to indulge interests and self improvement projects. I've been trying actively to eat better, reading classics(Anna Karenina, which is such an exciting surprise), running the track (1 1/4 miles today), trying to improve my trivia abilities, researching music, helping friends study vocab, starting more weekly friend activities (musical night with Laura) and all of it feels really good.

I registered for my spring classes. I'm taking an English class which I'm hoping will be good and not boring. I'm a little scared of writing because I feel such a divide between when I felt like some High School English creative writing hot shot and how I am now, not a writer in any way. I think all these classes are a personal challenge to break old patterns whether in writing, studying, reading, "being creative" whatever. In writing I have tendencies to over generalize, use emotional language that covers for a lack of thesis, under-research, use too much fluff, and start strong but trail off in the end. I know my personal struggles with academics are really private journal stuff, sorry.

I also signed up for History class in Western Civilization post Protestant Reformation. Maybe it will be interesting. It will at least make up for my shitty evaluation for a History class I took at Hampshire.

On top of that I'm taking a yoga class because this semester's success with enforced exercise can be repeated. Also, I think I've been injuring my back doing my yoga dvd in my living room. Stupid move. Someday I'm going to take ballroom dancing, but this wasn't in the cards this spring.
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