westley (esthappen) wrote,

Update from 2008

And life continues at a breezy pace. I've been going to City College full time, living off a student loan and a very part time job. I'm working at this luxury men's retailer where everyone thinks I'm straight and I wear a suit all day measuring rich dudes' necks. It's bizarre and while at first I liked its being the complete antithesis to Goodvibes, it's starting to feel unsustainable. I've had various adventures in dating that take up too much of my emotional energy. My partying and clothes purchasing has experienced some peaks but feels under control. It can be summed up in the statement that I'm taking a much needed foray into my early twenties.

In other news, I've had a resurgence of anxiety in my life. Having no health insurance these days, I'm attempting to deal through exercise. I've entered a period of extreme body conciousness (not the appearance stuff) in which I am over aware of my physical reactions to all consumables. Trying to curb my dairy intake (in the closet lactose intolerant), make slight reductions in sugar (I get all shaky) and I'm still on the fence about wheat.

Otherwise, I've felt general positivity about life mainly due to a bounty of good things and the blossoming of the plum trees in my neighborhood. I'm totally in love with my friends and feel in denial/totally sad about the impending departure of Baker and the temporary summer departures of Tyler and Adele. I'll have to make more friends or something.

Overall, lots of change but I'm rolling with the punches.
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