westley (esthappen) wrote,

holiday extravaganza

Today I feel officially post-holiday. I did five loads of laundry(!)

The week before Christmas was spent in constant anxiety. Work was busy all the time, hours were extended, I had my final and Lex left early so I spent most nights writing to do lists about packing/catsitting/cleaning etc. Did not stop worrying until I got on the plane.

My trip felt pretty whirlwind even though it was a little longer than the usual holiday trip. Flew in on Christmas Eve on three hours of sleep. Dad picked me up at the airport. Had Christmas Eve dinner with roast beef and popovers. Spent Christmas morning at Dad's and then afternoon/evening at Mom's. Mom has a new house as per usual but this one has more space and an extra bed which was exciting. Tyler came up from the Cape to spend the holidays. We watched copious amounts of television. Tory received season 3 of the L Word and that sealed our fate for most evenings. Spent a couple days at Mom's and then brought Mom and Tory down to the Cape to meet Lex's family. This is where I had the first panic attack of my life. Luckily I had my therapist Mom and Lex's energy healer dad for help but in the end valium forced me to be calm. Not entirely sure if my trans status was revealed during body work that Lex's dad did but whatevs, I can't stress about that. Brought Tyler and Lex back to the South Shore for dinner with my Dad which went well. The next day we drove up to Boston for random reunion with Rebecca, Todd, Baker, Leah and others. Went to this hilarious Dyke Night at some club called Toast. Hoped to see someone I knew but instead just got tired and cranky instead. Tyler and I slept less than two hours at Rebecca's and then got on seperate planes. I arrived at 10:30am, took an expensive cab, showered and went to work until 9:30 which sucked.

New years eve Peter drove up and we skipped all the bar crap and just went to a huge house party where everyone was more wasted than me. We all took bunk ecstasy and that was sort of disappointing but I still had a lot of fun. The next couple days consisted of me, Peter and Lex being in continual hangover mode, watching two seasons of this British Teen Lesbian drama, going to the movies, going shopping and eating brownies.

All in all, very fun and I'm glad it's over.

lex, me and tyler looking funny.
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